There’s Been a Change of Plans

There’s been a change of plans aren’t words I normally like to hear.  And it’s a shame that phrase bothers me because rarely do things go as planned.  Especially around Christmas.   My feelings when I hear that phrase have evolved through the years – when I first started in ministry it made me nervous to hear – but now – I’ve seen and been through so much and I’m a person who can roll with the punches and there’s no rise in my heart rate or blood pressure when plans get changed.  But here’s the thought that hits me as we roll into December and celebrate Christmas.

  • There’s been a change in plans does not apply to God

The Christmas story – every aspect – every character – every scene – every decision made by everyone involved – was seen, known, and planned for by God because when he became a baby in the womb – it wasn’t the start of something as much as the culmination of a plan and a prophecy – and when he came the first time he did so knowing there would be a second time.   And what that means for you and me is……When He came…….

  • He had one eye on the cross and one eye on the clouds

And being reminded that he came the first time is encouragement for the hope that he will come again.  God proved when he came as a baby and was raised as a young man…..

  • He’d rather live apart from heaven than to have you and I live apart from Him.

God came to earth with a job to do – and that job led Him to the cross.  And on that cross the sacrifice for our sins – and the hope of an eternity with Him when he comes the next time.  You see the original Christmas tree was not prelit or artificial – it was not decorated with ornaments or lights – although actually it did have one Light on it – the Light of the world.

  • The original Christmas tree was the cross

His plan for you and me all along – I’m so thankful God stayed with his plan.

Marks Sig