The Things Jesus Said

Jesus often surprised people with teachings that cut across the grain of human nature.  And they are things that sound contradictory in the natural realm where we live.  For example….

  • Lose your life to save it
  • The first shall be last
  • Rejoice when you’re persecuted
  • Pray for your enemies
  • It’s better to give than receive
  • Blessed are those who mourn

But I think the one thing Jesus said that has met with more opposition and dissention than any other statement is when he made this claim.

  • “I am the Way the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father but through Me.”

You see that statement is completely exclusive.  He did not announce that he was one of the ways, or some of the truth, or part of the life – he announced that he is it when it comes to direction, trustworthiness, and living.   Jesus said he is the way – well I’ve always said direction determines destination.  If you are going to take a trip you need to know the way – and the way to heaven is Jesus.  But he’s not just the way when it comes to travel – he’s the way when it comes to behavior.  You want to know how to think, how to talk, how to treat people, well Jesus is the way.  Jesus is the truth – and in a world chock full of fake news and people who are pretending we need solid rock truth.  Truth that can be applied, and truth that can be counted on, and truth that in the end brings salvation – and Jesus is the truth.  But Jesus is also the life – and people don’t know what they are missing without the peace that comes from a relationship with the Lord.  The joy, the encouragement, the comfort, the hope, all of the things we need to endure life here and make it to life there are found in Jesus because he is the life.  So let me say it this way.  Without the way there is no going, and without the truth there is no knowing, and without the life there is no living.

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