I Need People – People Need Me

The Apostle Paul wrote to a Church once and told the Church crowd……

  • 1 Thessalonians 3:12 – And may the Lord cause you to increase and overflow with love for one another, and for everyone, just as we do for you.

It’s an old story about the preacher who saved up enough money to buy several acres of land.  A little run down weather beaten farmhouse sat on the land, a sad picture of years of neglect.  The land had not been kept up either, so there were old tree stumps, rusted pieces of machinery, and all sorts of debris thrown here and there.  During his spare time and his vacations, the preacher rolled up his sleeves and went to work.  Hauled off the junk, repaired fences, pulled away stumps and replanted trees.  Then he fixed up the old house, new roof, new windows, new paint job, built some flower boxes.  Took several years to accomplish all of this and when he was finished and neighbor walked over and said, well, preacher – looks like you and the Lord have done a pretty fine job on your place here.  The preacher wiping his face said – Yeah I suppose so……but you should have seen the place when the Lord had it all to himself.

         God has not only created each one of us as distinct individuals, he also uses us in significant ways.  Chances are you are where you are today because of the words or the personal influence of certain people.  When I look back across the landscape of my life, I am able to connect specific people to each crossroad and every milestone.  Each one has helped me clear a hurdle, or handle a struggle, accomplish an objective or endure a trial. 

You are more important than you think

  • A rooster minus a hen equals no baby chicks. Kellogg minus a farmer equals no corn flakes.  If the nail factory closes, what good is the hammer factory?  A cracker maker will do better if there’s a cheese maker.  The most skillful surgeon needs the ambulance driver who delivers the patient.  Just as Batman needs Robin, and the Lone Ranger needs Tonto – I need people and people need me.

The Lone Ranger makes for a good cowboy, but a poor Christian.   

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