Pressure Situations

I don’t know how many of you are good under pressure.  When I was a young preacher just starting and I knew we were coming to the last song before sermon time, I’d feel this reflex where I’d cough a little bit, actually somewhere between a cough and a puke reflex – and I’d have these crazy thoughts like what if we just kept singing today.  It was pressure.  Through the years studying the Bible I’ve concluded that arguably the greatest Christian who ever lived felt pressure like many of us have never known.  The Apostle Paul wrote…..

  • “We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure”

They say when you are a leader you’re never suppose to let them see you sweat, but the Apostle Paul said I’ll go further than that, I’ll cut myself open and let you watch me bleed.  He was open and honest about the pressure he was feeling.  I’ve learned how at this point in my preaching ministry to preach to myself when I’m under pressure.  And here’s my sermon to myself.

  • #1. Tell myself I’ve been here before

This isn’t the first time I’ve faced a tough situation and it won’t be the last.  I’m still standing, God is still the same God, I came through it before and I’ll come through it again.  Been there done that is a powerful tool.  Just like David facing a giant – he said God delivered me from the lion, and the bear, and this big ugly dude will be no different.

  • #2. Tell myself I’m not that important

I finally concluded at some point that the Church would survive if I wasn’t the preacher.  I had come to the wrong conclusion that somehow the Church would be in trouble if I wasn’t there to preach.  How dumb!  I’m just not that important.

  • #3. Tell myself I can be better because of pressure

Sometimes there needs to be some pressure.  Some sleepless nights, a little stress, could cause you to pray more, to pray better.  The more the olive gets pressed the more oil it produces.   Next time you feel pressure – tell yourself I’ve been here before, I’m not that important, I can be better because of pressure.

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