My Name is “I Am”

        Most of you call me Pastor or Preacher.  Others of you call me the name my parents gave me.  There are four people on this earth that use a term with me no one else can – they call me father.  And there are four more who can call me something that is reserved for them – they call me Poppy.  My guess is you wouldn’t feel comfortable crawling up into my lap and rubbing my face and telling me I need a shave.  And if you are comfortable doing that – you are weird – stay away from me. 

There are many names for and references to God but for those of us who have a personal relationship with him we get the privilege of calling him father.  But the name God gave to himself was revealed to Moses from the burning bush. 

  • Exodus 3:14 – This is what you are to say to the Israelites – I am has sent me to you.

Years ago I led a retreat and the theme of our retreat was in the form of this statement.

  • I AM never _____________________ enough

Can you fill in the blank?   I could.  I am never smart enough.  I am never patient enough.  I am never trusting enough.  I am never kind enough.  My guess is when God told Moses his name was I Am Moses was thinking – okay fill in the blank – I am what?  And for the next forty years he is going through the wilderness crying out to God and God speaks to him.  And Moses says is there anyone I can trust and God says I Am.  And Moses says is there anyone I can turn to and God says I Am.  And Moses says is there anyone who can save us and God says I Am.   And Moses says is there any hope and God says I Am.  This name that God gave himself teaches us one of the most important lessons we can ever learn.

  • Everything that is not God is totally dependent on God.

He is the Center – He is the Source – He is the I AM !

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