Everybody Owes Somebody

Credit card companies send out more than 1 billion new credit card offers every year.  Walter Cavanaugh holds the world record by applying for and getting 1,003 credit cards, weighing 34 pounds and entitling him to 1.25 million in credit.  That’s now illegal if you were thinking about it but in 1966 five Chicago banks banded together and mailed out 5 million cards to people who hadn’t asked for them.

  • Some families received up to 20 cards
  • Babies got cards
  • Dead people got cards
  • A German Shepard named Alice was sent four cards

One of which arrived with the promise that Alice would be welcomed as a preferred customer at many of Chicago’s finest restaurants.  Rumor has it she never leaves the kennel without it.  You know getting yourself to the place where you owe somebody something is not that difficult to do.  Nearly 1.3 million Americans file for bankruptcy every year.  Four out of five of us owe more than we own.  Dave Ramsey says too many people buy things on the lay awake plan. That’s because all that we owe keeps us awake at night.

Any of you talk in your sleep?  One husband who was an avid golfer talked in his sleep and his wife who loved auctions talked in hers as well.  One night in a deep sleep he shouted Fore – and without missing a beat from her deep sleep she shouted Fore Fifty.   Well there’s a Psalm that never gets much play so let me share it with you this morning. 

  • Psalm 89:18 – All we are and have we owe to God!

Since 1998 Master Card has sponsored a variety of priceless commercials.  They say there are some things money can’t buy, but for everything else there’s Master Card.  Well I agree there are some things money can’t buy.  Forgiveness and heaven would be two things on that list.   So I conclude…..

  • There are some things money can’t buy – but for everything else there’s the Master! Everybody Owes Somebody – and Everybody Owes Him!

Marks Sig