Eagle’s Wings

 It’s always been one of my favorite passages…..

  • Isaiah 40:31 – Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength, they shall mount up on wings like eagles.

The wingspan of a mature eagle can reach eight feet across.  It can attain speeds in excess of one hundred miles per hour in a dive.  It often cruises at more than sixty mils per hour.  Airplane pilots have reported seeing golden eagles in flight above 15,000 feet.  One cool fact is that eagles mate at these great heights.  The male locks talons with the female, and they free fall several thousand feet, mating as they fall.  That’s what I call falling in love. The eyes of an eagle is a phrase that rings true.  An eagle can see a small fish jumping out of water five miles away.  They are strong – a twenty pound eagle has enough strength in its claws to break the bones in a man’s forearm by merely grasping it firmly.  No wonder the Proverb writer wrote….

  • Proverbs 30:18 – The way of an eagle in the sky is too amazing to understand.

I’m always inquisitive about the analogies the Lord uses for you and me.  For instance -  when he calls us sheep – it’s not necessarily a compliment – but we know what he means.  How about this analogy of an eagle?  It may be because an eagle learns to fly through struggle.  A mother will climb thousands of feet, and flip over and let her baby fall – and then fly down and catch her before she hits – then repeat the process over and over til her baby learns to fly on her own.  I think that’s where the analogy works.  It’s always been in my weaknesses that God has shown his strength.

          We don’t struggle just so we will trust our Heavenly Father – that happens but the reason we struggle is to learn to fly.  I can clearly see God has allowed me to struggle for a purpose.  It has brought maturity, it has enhanced my testimony and it has increased my ability.  Now listen – when you are at your lowest weakest moment, that may be the time God uses you to make the greatest impact.  Like the eagle, when you are falling, it may very well be you are about to learn to fly.

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